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Equipment Design


VNet can design tailor made solutions for your equipment guidance. VNet's in-house expertise achieves this by combining John Deere software and customised hardware.


Is your tractor maintaining 2cm repeatability but field conditiions are not allowing your ground engaged equipment to do the same?

With Active Implement GuidanceTM , both tractor and the implement follow the same guidance line in straight, cirlce, and curve track modes. Growers who are planting bredded crops, row crops, or strip-tilling, as well as those operating in standing row-crop application, can capitalize on the value of Active Implement GuidanceTM.

VNet have completed customised designs on broad acre airseeders, cotting row crops bars and horticultural applications.


Broad Acre Airseeder
An example of active implement steering

Is shortage of skilled labour resulting in equipment damage in your farm business? 

Would you like to remove potential for human error where equipment is operated in close proximity, such as during grain harvest? 

Machine SyncTM for grain harvesting allows remote guidance of the grain cart via commands from the combine.

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This solution coordinates vehicle and omplement functions with end-of-row turns. By automating these functions, iTEC ProTM allows the implement and machine functions to be performed consistently on the headlands or internal boundaries as well as positions the machine correctly for the next pass through the field.

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Customised Designs That Achieve Accurate Application Of Any Crop Input:


  • Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides
  • Seed
  • Liquid, Granular & Solid Fertiliser
  • Manures & Ameliorants

 VNet's in-house expertise can offer tailor made solutions for accurately applying crop inputs, by combining GreenStarTM Rate Controller technology with customised hardware.

GreenStarTM Rate Controller and Rate Controller dry allows the use of the GreenStarTM display control crop inputs on many equipment platforms. This allows both variable and prescription rate application of seed, fertiliser and ameliorants.

The GreenStarTM Rate Controller can be combined with Swath Control ProTM section control when applying liquids on sprayers and planters. Producers can utilize automatic rate and section control during four simultaneous operations.


VNet has completed custom installations on:

  • Non John Deere self-propelled and pull-type sprayers ratecontrollerdry2
  • Trailing air carts and front mount air seeders
  • Belt Spreader
  • Precision planters and broadacre seeders



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